VPS is the The Norwegian Central Securities Depository. I create new attractive products and improve the existing product portfolio for investors. I follow new products through the development process; idea, specification, development, test, documentation and launch. I am also involved in business strategy. (www.vps.no)

My role: Product Manager for New Services

Responsibility: Workshops, customer meetings, idea analysis, decision documents, business cases, presentations, roadmaps, product requirements, user stories, prioritization, mockups / sketches, marketing material, agile product development, product backlog, testing etc.

Previous work



StepStone was Europe’s leader in online career services and recruitment solutions. I started as a business developer and local IT Manager when EasyCruit was acquired in 2004. Later, I became the Scandinavian Product Manager in StepStone, with development departments in Düsseldorf and Brussels. (www.stepstone.com)

My roles:  Business developer, IT manager, Scandinavian Product Manager

Responsibility: Product development, project management, mockups, prototype, testing, user manuals etc.

Involved from 2004 to 2008.

Previous work


Mobile Mind

Mobile Mind was an independent consulting firm with focus on mobility for Norwegian companies. The company was sold in 2006 to SmartPhones Telecom, later acquired by Telenor. (www.mobilemind.no)

My roles: Co-founder and IT-manager

Responsibilty: Webmaster, IT-manager, PC/server/network administration.

Involved from 2000 to 2006.

Previous work



EasyCruit became the leading provider of web based recruitment solutions in Scandinavia after just a couple of years after the product was launched. The company was acquired by StepStone in 2004.

My roles:  Product developer, Project manager, Webmaster and IT-manager.

Responsibility: Idea analysis, mockups, prototype, customer presentations, customer meetings, product development, project management, testing, user manuals, user training etc.

Involved from 2002 to 2008.


Previous work



I joined the small business start-up deltidsjobb.no when it was launched in the summer of 2000. The website quickly became the leading service for part-time positions in Norway. 

Roles: Product developer and webmaster

Responsibility: Product development, specifications, customer meetings, webmaster, PC and network administration, etc.

Involved from 2000 to 2008.

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In 1999, six students from The Norwegian School of Management started the concept Studenten.no. Our vision was to create the leading website for students; a magazine, community and metamediary. The website was well received but was closed in 2001 as the dot com bubble collapsed and investors got scared.

My roles: Founder and Manager

Responsibility: Management, business strategy, business plan, product development, presentations, investor meetings, customer meetings, web design, web development, banners etc.

Involved from 1999 to 2001.

Previous work